21 Februari 2017

Adventure Begins

Have you ever experienced the stars falling and suddenly your dreams come true?
I've never.
But i do experienced something more magical when my heart is fall and my dreams are suddenly came true.
I called it 'Fall' because i'm falling in this love so deep and everyday. Fall in sweet memories, fall in deeply-in love-good-feeling.

I called him Gerry.
A man who always disturbing my mind, make my heart beats fast, make that kind of butterfly-on my stomach-feeling, makes me worry, makes me wanna live forever.

We've been travelled this life for 8 (eight) years.
As a boyfriend, he really took a good care for me. Like, everything in everytime.
He put a smile on me. He did a jokes on me. He spoke the things that seems almost impossible.

He's the one and only that seems fairytale, for me.
Yeah, like what i've been experienced on 15th January 2017.
When he asked me to be his wife in front of all of our big family.

Engagement of Gerry & Nessa

It's like a Dream. Really like a Dream.
This is what i'm hoping for, after our eight years of relationship.
Now, my life is just begin. Right after he put a ring on my left forth finger.

I love you my dear Fiance.
I hope our love story will be a blessing to others.
Thank you for always taking a good care of me.

Let our adventure begins!

with a cup of coffee,


Hi Readers!
How was your day?
Now is 9 o'clock on 21st Feb 2017, and i'm so glad that i can catch ya'll up again in this Blogger's world! Wohooo!
Well, i knew it that i was so rude for being absence for (maybe) 2 years lately. Now, i will forgive myself by giving little-short-story in this square page.

Well everyone! time is moving so fast, isn't it? Still remember when i was in kindergarten and i was playing with my friends without knowing that the game was dangerous. That was the era when i didn't have to worry about a single thing.
But now... now i'm 26 hell-years old! and it's probably a different life of mine right now....

And yeah, this mind of mine right now is full of things that is really matter. But i'm sure that i'm on process of being more useful and mature as who i used to be.
As an ordinary person, i realize that i'm still not good enough. I still do bad things, i still look up and forget to be grateful, i still complaining about everything, and so on...
But God is Good (and always be!), He still loves me anyway...
He gaves me so maaaanyy 'gifts' to me.

2016 is one of my blessful years.
I met with amazing people, I went to amazing places, I got amazing adventures, and so that's why I have so many amazing stories to share.
In my old posts (I turned the old posts into privacy because of the content, so i decided to make it privacy until now), i've written down about my life before, one of them was about a job in Education Company. I still join there until now and it droves me to have new amazing people in my life. And i'm thankful because i met my brothers and sisters from another parents. Here the picture of them :

Well, they're not perfect. They often do stupid things, just like me. But the warmth of friendship that grows among us gets the hang of it. They're such a vitamin to me. And I pretty sure, that there's so many people out there who get jealous when we're together, so that's why they talk rude and spoke the fake things about us. Amazingly, these lovely-people never put me on fire. So when the bad people comes around, they will sprinkle me with positive things. Also, they taught me how to be mature in facing all problems. They're young, but also like my parents indeed.
I just can't stop being thankful for their presence in my life. Hopefully, this friendship will be last forever.

With a cup of coffee,